Marv and Olouse

Marv and Olouse
Bandon, OR. 1981?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

But wait...there's more

I just brought home a box of photos, posters and negatives from Marji/Aliah's husband's house. He passed away last year and still had a lot of Marj's things. Now it's up to me to sort and post. There are some wonderful photos I haven't seen and a nice stash of photos of Rossah, Marji's teacher and best friend, also Bou-Saada sister. As soon as I figure out the new scanner, I'll try to get them posted here.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dancers we have known and loved

Time goes by and photos surface. I have a stack of negatives ready to be scanned. It occurs to me that several dancers performed with us for various amounts of time and I have forgotten to include them. If you read this, have a photo, and I have not mentioned you before, please get in touch, send me a copy of the photo, and I will post it.
Other dancers:
Cecelia Alvarez, artist and fabulous Cubana dancer
Farideh, Cathryn Balk
Rossah Bendhaman, aka Rossah Gulab
Lani Momeyer
I know there were more...